Wednesday 30 December 2015

My Christmas Day Outfit

Hello, I'm back! After a few lazy days (it's the holidays, after all) which included two trips to see The Force Awakens and CHRISTMAS, I've got a post for you. Simple, sure, but I hope you enjoy my Christmas Day outfit as much as I did...

Wednesday 23 December 2015

New Skincare Loves

My love for skincare grows every day, and with it being the middle of winter I wanted to up my hydration levels while detoxing my skin. After a hefty Cult Beauty order I finally got my hands on some raved about products and spoilers guys, I love them both.


Monday 21 December 2015

The A/W Coat

I should be applauded for not purchasing a black or grey coat this year. Sure, I've still gone very neutral but look - some colour! I keep seeing the same coat in black though and it's so... tempting...

Monday 16 November 2015

The New Favourite Cleanser

I've spoken about my love of The Body Shop's Camomile Cleanser in the past, but all three of my bottles have leaked everywhere, no matter what I do. So annoyed that my bathroom was an oily mess yet again, I decided to try a new one. Enter, the Superfacialist by Una Brennan Vitamin C Oil Cleanser.


Friday 13 November 2015

Losing It & Getting It Back

I feel like every few months I roll out a new apology post, but this one will be a little different. Yes, I've let my blog slip, but I'm not completely upset about it.

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Splash of Grenadine

If you've glanced at my nails in the past two or three months, I've either been wearing Barry M's Eat My Dust (rave on that one here), or this gorgeous offering from Essie. Splash of Grenadine is one of those polishes that I always pick up in Boots and never buy, but I finally did it and now wear it on a very regular basis.

Saturday 19 September 2015

Loving Stella

I'm picky with fragrances. I'm the type who buys one, uses it until the last drop is gone, and then searches for another similar-but-not-too-similar scent. When my beloved Daisy Dream was used up, I searched high and low and after Anna's recommendation I had a sniff of this and ordered it online (for the discount, of course) immediately.


Wednesday 16 September 2015

A Summer Glow

Despite being very pale, I do like to add a little tan to my face and body for the summer months. We're not talking tanned here, but just a healthy glow to pretend that I actually spend my time outside instead of working or binging on Netflix. I know we're heading into the Autumn months as of now, but I still like to hold onto this glow for a little while longer. Anyway, here's the few products I like to slap on my face to help.


Sunday 13 September 2015

The Cult Classic for Bright Skin

Everyone and their mother has heard about Pixi Glow Tonic, I'm sure, but I only just got my hands on it this summer. This exfoliating toner is incredibly gentle on the skin, and since using this and really upping my spritzes of Lush's Tea Tree Water Toner, my skin has been miles clearer and brighter than before.

Wednesday 8 July 2015

Double Denim

I've been going through a real denim obsession recently. It started with buying jeans for the first time in years, then ventured to a denim jacket, then denim skirts and shirts and... another denim jacket. More on that later.

Monday 6 July 2015

An 'Eat My Dust' Obsession

It's no secret that I love a good ol' Vivianna Does Makeup post or video, and I've bought a fair few products from her recommendation. I always go through phases with nail polish where I wear the same colour for months, and this time, due to Anna's raving, it's Barry M's Eat My Dust.


Saturday 4 July 2015

The New Casual Shoe

Round these parts, flat shoes are almost non-existent. I do wear my trainers for working out, work, or on super casual days, but for the most part I have some form of chunky black ankle boot on my feet. In the hopes to find a cross between trainers and a boot (so, something comfortable and casual but not too casual) my eyes landed on these guys. Fast forward through two months of trying to find them in my size, and I finally have them.


Thursday 2 July 2015

Zoeva Brushes, Worth the Hype?

I've been using the same cheap (but still great!) eBay makeup brushes for years, but when they started to fall apart I decided to splurge a little and buy myself the Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set. This was definitely a beauty blogger inspired purchase and one that I'm glad I made.


Tuesday 30 June 2015

That 70s Trend

While I appreciate the 70s trend rocking the fashion world right now, I haven't actually bought many of the clothes. One item I just couldn't pass up, however, was a suede skirt. After searching for the perfect one for what seemed like an age, I finally came across this one in New Look - and it's petite too! I just had to pair it with my floppy hat to feel all pseudo-hippy, although I'm not sure that it's exactly summer appropriate.

Sunday 28 June 2015

An Ode to Soap & Glory Cosmetics

I've been on a real Soap & Glory makeup kick recently, and so thought my favourites deserved their own gushing post. For starters, the packing is gorgeous and I was happy to notice as I was buying that the powders now come in proper plastic packaging rather than cardboard - win! Anyway, it's show and tell time...

Friday 26 June 2015

Witchy, To The Max

So this dress makes me feel hella witchy. This was purchased when I was in one of those 'I want to experiment and wear something that makes me feel badass' moods, and to be honest I'm still working out how to style it. It's actually meant to be more of a midi length, but obviously sits much lower on petite ol' me.

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Those Natural(ish) Lip Colours

As I mentioned in my New In post, I've been experimenting with more natural makeup recently. It's just something about Spring and Summer, making me want to look all fresh and pretty. While my berry lips are sitting aside, ready to be donned at a moment's notice, I've been reaching for these guys...


Monday 22 June 2015

An Album Recommendation

In my quest to make this blog a little more lifestyle friendly, I'd like to introduce a new type of post. It's a bit of an experiment for me, but my aim is to display a new album love of mine every now and then, in the hope that at least one of you will want to listen to it! I get very obsessive over music, often listening to an album on repeat for weeks if I really love it, so if you ever hear of me doing this, you know it's a good 'un (in my opinion...)


Saturday 20 June 2015

New In...

Just a run down of the beauty bits that are new in my life at the moment - and that therefore will probably be popping up round these parts soon. I've been going through a more minimal makeup phase recently, just simple glowy skin with winged liner and a natural lip, and so I picked up these bits in the hope to mix up the basics a little. And as for perfume, I just really craved something light and fresh and new. More to come on these guys, I'm sure!

Thursday 18 June 2015

Simple Stripes

The perks of being petite - you can pick up a men's t-shirt in the River Island sale and wear it as an oversized dress. I think it looks really cute simply paired with ankle boots and a leather or denim jacket, and no one knows it's "supposed" to be a men's shirt. Unless you tell the internet, of course...

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Drugstore Skincare Favourites

While I do agree that spending a little more on skincare that works is a valid thing to do, I am a poor student and so this isn't something that happens, like... ever. Instead I head to the drugstore, where there are some real gems. It's top picks time...

Saturday 13 June 2015

The Bomb(er)

In an attempt to experiment with my fashion sense, I found myself slipping this floral bomber jacket on. Despite me wondering if I would actually wear it, I've genuinely become a little obsessed with it, wearing it as often as I can. As you all probably know my style is very monochrome, and so it tends to compliment a lot of my clothes while brightening up a look at the same time!

Wednesday 10 June 2015

What's in YOUR Makeup Bag #1 // With My Sister

Say hello to a new series! Inspired by the lovely Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup, I wanted to take a peek into the makeup bags of friends and family, but also to hear their opinion on makeup and why they choose to wear it. My hope is to portray varying types of people here - not everyone is a beauty junkie like me! So to kick things off, have a look at my 14 year old sister Ruth's makeup bag. She's a natural gal but does love her shiny things, and with a little guidance I think she's got a good set-up going on...


Friday 5 June 2015

On Loving Yoga

I've dabbled in the odd bit of yoga practice over a couple of years, but I've recently fallen in love with it. Thanks to Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup's suggestion, I headed over to Yoga With Adriene's YouTube channel, and I haven't looked back.


Tuesday 26 May 2015

NUXE Reve de Miel, Worth the Hype?

Yet another product I would probably ignore if it weren't for all the raving blog reviews... This time it's NUXE Reve de Miel, aka lip balm extraordinaire.


Saturday 23 May 2015

Feeling Inspired // Grace's Guide: The Art of Pretending to be a Grown Up

I have been a big admirer of Grace Helbig for a good few years now, and I was so excited when I found out she was writing a book. Now that I've read it (a good few times *cough*) I really wanted to write down my thoughts on it.

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Blonde Hair Care for Beginners (From a Beginner)

I'm new to this whole bleached-blonde-hair care thing but I thought I would type up a little post for beginners to blonde hair, from a beginner with blonde hair. I don't have my entire head dyed so I can't talk too much about root upkeep, but I do have a few things to say about caring for yo' hair.

hey, box of cookies lurking in the corner


Sunday 3 May 2015

Some Musings: More Personal?

While I do love writing about my favourite outfits and beauty products, I noticed that my recent (two months ago is recent) 19 Things I Learned Before Turning 19 post went down quite well. I thought I would take this chance to have a little ramble about some changes I've been thinking of implementing on this blog.

Thursday 26 March 2015

Going Pink

Well, my hair is definitely more rose gold than pink, thanks to my blonde ombre fading. And it just does not want to photograph. But, you get the jist...


Saturday 21 March 2015

The New Brow Saviour

I've done a couple brow themed posts in the past, but once again I've come across a product that I adore, and that has taken its rightful place in my makeup bag. Welcome, Soap & Glory's Archery Brow Tint & Pencil...


Thursday 12 March 2015

The Glow Givers

That natural, lit-from-within glow is always a dream that can go so horribly wrong and shiny. However, I've got a couple products that can help you achieve that glow without going over the top.


Monday 9 March 2015

19 Things I Leaned Before Turning 19

Well, today is my birthday and I'm turning the boring ol' age of nineteen. I don't particularly celebrate my birthday but being the nostalgic person I am, I looked back at my life and came up with a few things I've learned over the years - here are the first nineteen that popped into my head. They're simple and probably very specific to me, but I hope you enjoy...

Friday 6 March 2015

The Winter Rack

I've finally got around to photographing my 'Winter Rack' - the clothes I've been reaching for over this past (and current - it's still cold in Scotland) season. I'll do a general overview and then pick out a few of my favourite items!


Tuesday 3 March 2015

Going Nude

...In the form of lipstick, guys. Chill.


Saturday 28 February 2015

Oh, Meow

Now rest assured, this is not the most picturesque of backgrounds, and the lighting is different in every single photograph. But let's all ignore that and focus on the cute outfit, okay?


Wednesday 25 February 2015

A New Favourite Mask

After a lovely recent trip into The Body Shop, I came out with this face mask. The assistant in the shop knew I was looking for something to sort out my dehydrated skin and so the Honey & Oat Mask was her recommendation!


Sunday 22 February 2015

A Fitness Haul

Yep, you bet I'm joining that "new year, time to get fit" hype. I'm realistically starting small, and working my way through some YouTube workouts (these have been my favourite thus far) before I commit to any sort of membership or expensive workout clothing. I really want to be enjoying working out before I spend a load of money, and so I looked around for some affordable options...


Saturday 7 February 2015

New Additions to the Makeup Bag

Whether it's been through Christmas gifts or a trip to Boots, I've added a few extras to my makeup bag recently that I thought deserved a special mention...


Saturday 24 January 2015

The Budget Silver Shampoo

When I dyed my hair into a blonde ombre 'do, I went out and bought the cheapest toning shampoo I could. I wanted to test out a cheap one to see if it worked before splashing out on anything else, but I've been so impressed by Pro:Voke's Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo that I think it's going to stay!


Tuesday 20 January 2015

Finally Mastering Liquid Liner?

Now, anyone with hooded eyelids will understand how painstakingly difficult it is to do any form of liquid/gel liner, particularly if a wing is involved. But, I may have found my answer in the form of Soap & Glory's Supercat Eyeliner Pen.


Saturday 17 January 2015

Summit of Style

After being gifted Essie's Summit of Style by my sister for Christmas, this bronzy gold glitter in different sized particles hasn't left my nails. Sometimes I go for an accent ring finger, sometimes all over glitter. Or sometimes I go something a little different, this ombre glitter idea I knicked off Vivianna Does Makeup. I'm very much of the opinion that glitter can be worn all year round, so I can see this being a staple of mine in the months to come...

Thursday 15 January 2015

Faux Fur

It's fair to say my taste has changed pretty rapidly over the past year or so, because previously I would never have gone for a leopard print fur coat. But, clearly, I fell in love with this Forever 21 sale number, and took it with me to London (baby). It's so cosy and instantly adds some chic to a previously "normal" outfit - I've been converted!

Tuesday 13 January 2015

London Photo Diary

Last week two of my flatmates and I headed to London for a little trip. Complete with three nights of musicals (Billy Elliot The Musical and Wicked... twice), Madame Tussaud's, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Warner Bros. Studio Tour and plenty of wandering about the town, it was a great time! So, I thought I'd compile my favourite photographs of the week...


Saturday 10 January 2015

The Revisited... Stila In The Light Palette

When writing my Top 5 2014 Discoveries, I realised that I hadn't actually written a full review of the Stila In The Light Palette, despite having taken photos as soon as I opened it. Seeing as it has been a bit of a rediscovery for me over the past month or so, I thought it was time I jotted down my thoughts.


Thursday 8 January 2015


This is just a quick post to share the love - the baking love. I made a batch of Lily Pebbles' Brookies (that's a delicious mix of a brownie and a cookie) for NYE, and they went down a treat. These bakes are incredibly light and fluffy, and they are equally as easy to make as they are to eat... like, five in a row. What's more, they're also dairy-free. The recipe is here, and I would highly recommend you give them a shot!

Tuesday 6 January 2015

My Top 5 Beauty Discoveries of 2014

Okay, this isn't the most original of ideas, but I couldn't resist. 2014 has been a year of beauty discoveries for me, and so I thought it would be fun to look back on the best of the bunch!


Sunday 4 January 2015

My NYE Outfit

It's time for me to talk about my NYE/Hogmanay outfit! I was just having dinner and drinks at home with my family, and so I didn't really need to dress up too much. I did add some glam, though, with this beauuutfiul silver midi skirt. Every time I wear this I feel like some kind of fairy/mermaid/unicorn hybrid - I love it.


Friday 2 January 2015

emiloue's One Year Anniversary!

Happy New Year everyone! The title says it all, I've now been writing this little blog for a year! I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who supported me, as I genuinely don't think I would have kept this up for so long if it wasn't for all of you!
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