Saturday 4 July 2015

The New Casual Shoe

Round these parts, flat shoes are almost non-existent. I do wear my trainers for working out, work, or on super casual days, but for the most part I have some form of chunky black ankle boot on my feet. In the hopes to find a cross between trainers and a boot (so, something comfortable and casual but not too casual) my eyes landed on these guys. Fast forward through two months of trying to find them in my size, and I finally have them.

In this pretty faux croc print with a thick white sole, I feel like they sum up my style quite well. I've recently been trying to downsize my wardrobe and to stop buying so much patterned stuff (nothing matches), and I've really embraced a much more chilled out vibe. I feel like these fit right in.

My feet really struggle with flat shoes because I have a really heavy step, and so I was a little worried these wouldn't work for me. However, the sole is thick enough that they supply a good amount of comfort! They have torn the back of my heels to shreds but literally every pair of shoes I have has done that at the beginning - my feet must be really sensitive?! I'm keeping the plasters piled on for now, but I can see them breaking in really nicely eventually. All in all, I'm so glad I finally tracked them down!
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