Tuesday 30 June 2015

That 70s Trend

While I appreciate the 70s trend rocking the fashion world right now, I haven't actually bought many of the clothes. One item I just couldn't pass up, however, was a suede skirt. After searching for the perfect one for what seemed like an age, I finally came across this one in New Look - and it's petite too! I just had to pair it with my floppy hat to feel all pseudo-hippy, although I'm not sure that it's exactly summer appropriate.

Sunday 28 June 2015

An Ode to Soap & Glory Cosmetics

I've been on a real Soap & Glory makeup kick recently, and so thought my favourites deserved their own gushing post. For starters, the packing is gorgeous and I was happy to notice as I was buying that the powders now come in proper plastic packaging rather than cardboard - win! Anyway, it's show and tell time...

Friday 26 June 2015

Witchy, To The Max

So this dress makes me feel hella witchy. This was purchased when I was in one of those 'I want to experiment and wear something that makes me feel badass' moods, and to be honest I'm still working out how to style it. It's actually meant to be more of a midi length, but obviously sits much lower on petite ol' me.

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Those Natural(ish) Lip Colours

As I mentioned in my New In post, I've been experimenting with more natural makeup recently. It's just something about Spring and Summer, making me want to look all fresh and pretty. While my berry lips are sitting aside, ready to be donned at a moment's notice, I've been reaching for these guys...


Monday 22 June 2015

An Album Recommendation

In my quest to make this blog a little more lifestyle friendly, I'd like to introduce a new type of post. It's a bit of an experiment for me, but my aim is to display a new album love of mine every now and then, in the hope that at least one of you will want to listen to it! I get very obsessive over music, often listening to an album on repeat for weeks if I really love it, so if you ever hear of me doing this, you know it's a good 'un (in my opinion...)


Saturday 20 June 2015

New In...

Just a run down of the beauty bits that are new in my life at the moment - and that therefore will probably be popping up round these parts soon. I've been going through a more minimal makeup phase recently, just simple glowy skin with winged liner and a natural lip, and so I picked up these bits in the hope to mix up the basics a little. And as for perfume, I just really craved something light and fresh and new. More to come on these guys, I'm sure!

Thursday 18 June 2015

Simple Stripes

The perks of being petite - you can pick up a men's t-shirt in the River Island sale and wear it as an oversized dress. I think it looks really cute simply paired with ankle boots and a leather or denim jacket, and no one knows it's "supposed" to be a men's shirt. Unless you tell the internet, of course...

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Drugstore Skincare Favourites

While I do agree that spending a little more on skincare that works is a valid thing to do, I am a poor student and so this isn't something that happens, like... ever. Instead I head to the drugstore, where there are some real gems. It's top picks time...

Saturday 13 June 2015

The Bomb(er)

In an attempt to experiment with my fashion sense, I found myself slipping this floral bomber jacket on. Despite me wondering if I would actually wear it, I've genuinely become a little obsessed with it, wearing it as often as I can. As you all probably know my style is very monochrome, and so it tends to compliment a lot of my clothes while brightening up a look at the same time!

Wednesday 10 June 2015

What's in YOUR Makeup Bag #1 // With My Sister

Say hello to a new series! Inspired by the lovely Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup, I wanted to take a peek into the makeup bags of friends and family, but also to hear their opinion on makeup and why they choose to wear it. My hope is to portray varying types of people here - not everyone is a beauty junkie like me! So to kick things off, have a look at my 14 year old sister Ruth's makeup bag. She's a natural gal but does love her shiny things, and with a little guidance I think she's got a good set-up going on...


Friday 5 June 2015

On Loving Yoga

I've dabbled in the odd bit of yoga practice over a couple of years, but I've recently fallen in love with it. Thanks to Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup's suggestion, I headed over to Yoga With Adriene's YouTube channel, and I haven't looked back.

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