Tuesday 30 June 2015

That 70s Trend

While I appreciate the 70s trend rocking the fashion world right now, I haven't actually bought many of the clothes. One item I just couldn't pass up, however, was a suede skirt. After searching for the perfect one for what seemed like an age, I finally came across this one in New Look - and it's petite too! I just had to pair it with my floppy hat to feel all pseudo-hippy, although I'm not sure that it's exactly summer appropriate.

So,back to the skirt. It's cute and sits nicely on me, and compliments my very monochrome wardrobe. One cool way I've discovered to wear it though, is with this Forever 21 cami I have had hanging in my wardrobe since last summer. The colours compliment each other so well, and it's a nice change for me to wear something not black or grey. Those Topshop boots are another story, they're here to stay...

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