Sunday 28 June 2015

An Ode to Soap & Glory Cosmetics

I've been on a real Soap & Glory makeup kick recently, and so thought my favourites deserved their own gushing post. For starters, the packing is gorgeous and I was happy to notice as I was buying that the powders now come in proper plastic packaging rather than cardboard - win! Anyway, it's show and tell time...

Supercat Liquid Liner >> I'm still a liquid liner noob but this is by far the best I've tried. It's proper black, long lasting, and the finely pointed felt tip means that application is easy (well, as easy as liquid liner can be) and versatile. Does smudge a little if you've got a case of the weepy eye which I unfortunately do quite often, but I can't exactly blame the eyeliner for that, can I.

Archery Brow Tint & Pencil >> I've never been a brow pencil person but this bad boy converted me. The waxy pencil fills in any spare areas while the felt tip end cleans up the edges. What's more, the medium colour Brownie Points is perfect match for me. All I need is some Gimme Brow swept over top and job's a good-un.

Kick Ass Pressed Powder >> On this shopping trip it was my intention to pick up One Heck of a Blot, but with that sold out I decided to go for this instead. It's so finely milled that you can't tell you're wearing any powder apart from the lovely blurring and mattifying-but-not-too-mattifying finish you're left with, and the ever so slight yellow tone helps cancel out any redness.

Solar Powder Bronzer >> Often raved about, this one part matte, one part barely shimmery bronzer is uhmazing. I'm pale so bronzers tend to look orange or too dark on me, but I really like the finish of this. The lighter side applies such a warming effect to my face, while I can do some very light sculpting with the two shades mixed together. Love!

Sexy Mother Pucker Fabu-Lipstick (Satin & Matte)>> Two shades here, one satin (The Mising Pink) and one matte (Pom Pom). Both are super long lasting and apply so nicely. The Missing Pink is obviously a tad more moisturising, but Pom Pom still feels so comfortable and creamy on the lips. Each colour suits me so well, with Pom Pom being particularly well loved as my go-to bright. They also smell INCREDIBLE, just like vanilla. I really want more from the range!

You can probably tell from my raving that I'm a big fan, and I would really love to try out some more from the range. Leave your recommendations below - I'm thinking some of the blushers need to be explored!
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