Tuesday 22 May 2018

The Summer Beauty Wardrobe

I thought it was about time for an 'everyday face' update, the products I'm reaching for all the time. We all know I'm a creature of habit so these products aren't new to me (except one) and one is actually an old favourite rediscovered but hey, at least you know I love them! Now that the weather is starting to heat up I'm trying to work out what my summer makeup wardrobe consists of. It's not totally different from my usual, but I'm keen to try and use as little products as I can. We're talking quick, glowy, bronzed skin, shimmery eyes, and a juicy sheer lip.

Thursday 17 May 2018

A Colourful Summer Wishlist

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It's summer! Sort of. Scotland keeps going through day-long heatwaves followed by rain and a drop in 10 degrees the next day. However, I've still been compiling a list of summery clothes that I've been lusting after. I like to think my picks are quite sensible - being relatively covered up with trousers and jumpsuits which work for drearier days, but using light materials that are still lovely and breezy when the temperature climbs.
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