Wednesday 29 October 2014

Review // Makeup Revolution Blush & Contour Palette in Sugar & Spice

Finally I am coming at you with a Makeup Revolution review! While my blog has been on the back burner, I've been testing out the products I was sent, and now I finally have time to talk about them.


Sunday 26 October 2014

Daily Outfits // The Cosy Jumper

When my family came to visit me at university the other week on a sunny but very breezy day, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to take this cosy Blue Vanilla* jumper out for a spin. We went for a wander around the town and I found some beautiful buildings I'd never seen before - pretty shocking really, since I've been living away from home for two months now! Anyway, back to the clothes.

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Giving In To The Hype // Rimmel Apocalips Matte

When the first batch of Rimmel Apocalips came out, I was intrigued but didn't give into the hype. At the time I wasn't a big fan of really bright colours on the lips. However, after finding out they had come out with a matte version of the liquid lipstick, and then spotting the gorgeous colour Meteoric Matte, I had to get it as soon as possible.


Thursday 9 October 2014

Daily Outfits // Dogtooth & Chevron

Long time no outfit post, eh? It was my little sister's 14th birthday this week and so we went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow to celebrate. I loved the meal and atmosphere as always - singing along with your food and cocktails makes the experience so much more enjoyable!


Sunday 5 October 2014

Good Vibes Corner

When moving to university, I soon realised that I needed a little spot to myself to chill in. The communal kitchen/living room area always has at least one other person in there, the desk in my room doubles up as a work space and makeup station, and so all I had left was my bed.


Thursday 2 October 2014

The Clothing Rack

Did anyone else start singing Rack City in their heads? Just me? Okay. Today I thought I'd introduce you to this corner of my room, where I keep this clothing rail. University halls aren't huge and so I (rightly) guessed that I would need to bring some extra storage for my wardrobe. Not wanting to put clothes in boxes, I opted for this rack from Home Bargains.

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