Thursday 2 October 2014

The Clothing Rack

Did anyone else start singing Rack City in their heads? Just me? Okay. Today I thought I'd introduce you to this corner of my room, where I keep this clothing rail. University halls aren't huge and so I (rightly) guessed that I would need to bring some extra storage for my wardrobe. Not wanting to put clothes in boxes, I opted for this rack from Home Bargains.

This is my first stop for the clothes I wear to death or want to wear more - anything I want to adorn over the next few weeks or so, I stick here, and pick and choose from there. My wardrobe is predominantly black, grey, white and blue so there really isn't a huge variety of colours here but hey, they all compliment each other!

I plan on doing more in-depth "What's On My Rack" (heh, heh) posts per season, so if all goes to plan you should be seeing one soon!
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