Monday 22 June 2015

An Album Recommendation

In my quest to make this blog a little more lifestyle friendly, I'd like to introduce a new type of post. It's a bit of an experiment for me, but my aim is to display a new album love of mine every now and then, in the hope that at least one of you will want to listen to it! I get very obsessive over music, often listening to an album on repeat for weeks if I really love it, so if you ever hear of me doing this, you know it's a good 'un (in my opinion...)

For my first endeavour into this type of post, I want to rave about Leighton Meester's gorgeous album Heartstrings. Anyone who knows me in person or online has definitely heard me talk about this because I love it so much. It all began when I finished my marathon of Gossip Girl (amazing series, by the way) and found myself with the ultimate girl crush on Leighton. Fast forward through a lot of googling, I ended up on Spotify with this album playing.

I'm not quite sure how to categorise her music - her voice is very soft and folky but there is still a hint of pop, with some alternative/indie vibes rolled in there too. Her voice is so beautiful, and the album is so lovely to chill out to on a lazy sunny day. It's a very difficult one to describe so I would simply recommend giving it a listen (link below!) and making up your own mind. I've definitely managed to turn a few friends onto this album through heavy persuasion. I honestly can't fault the album except it being fairly short at 30 minutes, but that isn't exactly a flaw now, is it.

Highlights include... Heartstrings, Runaway, L.A., Blue Afternoon, Entitled

So, to conclude. Leighton Meester is the ultimate babe; this album is absolutely lovely, probably my favourite music find of 2015 so far; and I just can't stop listening to it. PLEASE LISTEN TO IT.

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