Tuesday 16 June 2015

Drugstore Skincare Favourites

While I do agree that spending a little more on skincare that works is a valid thing to do, I am a poor student and so this isn't something that happens, like... ever. Instead I head to the drugstore, where there are some real gems. It's top picks time...

The Makeup Remover >> Garnier Micellar Water... It's a good'un. Supposedly a Bioderma dupe, this water-like liquid removes even waterproof mascara effortlessly. It's not the only step in my cleansing routine, but a good soak of this on a cotton pad over the eyes and a quick sweep over the rest of the face results in the bulk of makeup being removed, with me then following up with an oil cleanser to get rid of all the nasties. This also doubles up as my morning cleanser on those lazy days.

The Spot Treatment >> La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+... This odd gel cream is my favourite for banishing spots. I only tend to get the odd hormonal blemishes, but my skin scars so badly that I almost always look spotty. This guy clears out the skin, keeps blemishes at bay, and helps reduce redness and scarring. It's described for oily skin but my dry skin still loves it.

The Toner >> Lush Tea Tree Water Toner... This black bottle provides the most refreshing spritz for the face, and the tea tree within helps with keeping spots at bay and keeping the skin clear. It can be used on a cotton pad to remove the last traces of makeup, but I prefer the spritzing method because it just feels nice.

The Serum >> The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil... Technically, this is actually a serum-in-oil, meaning that you get the benefits of a serum being a great base for any moisturiser, while also being provided with hydration from the oil. At nighttime I use 2-3 drops of this and massage it in - be warned, you will look a tad shiny, but on really dry days I can get away with just 1 drop under makeup with everything still sitting nicely. 

The Moisturiser >> Garnier Moisture Match... I love this cheap and cheerful moisturiser. There are a few different moisturisers in the range for different skin types, but I've got the one for dry and dehydrated skin. The rich cream provides a good ol' blast of moisture into your skin, leaving it lovely and soft. What's more, despite being a thick cream it does sit really well under makeup.
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