Monday 16 November 2015

The New Favourite Cleanser

I've spoken about my love of The Body Shop's Camomile Cleanser in the past, but all three of my bottles have leaked everywhere, no matter what I do. So annoyed that my bathroom was an oily mess yet again, I decided to try a new one. Enter, the Superfacialist by Una Brennan Vitamin C Oil Cleanser.

Essentially the same thing, this oil cleanser breaks down makeup and takes away the grime from the day with the help of a damp washcloth. It feels a bit smoother than the TBS option in my opinion, but there's not a huge difference between them. They're even the same price, with Una Brennan's being just one pence cheaper. I have to say, I do think I'm preferring the Vitamin C guy. I notice my face looking a tad brighter (one of its claims), it takes all my makeup off really well, and it leaves my face feeling nourished in this colder months. Also, it smells like Fanta.

In terms of packaging, which is the reason I picked it up, I'm a fan. I've seen a few reviews of people moaning about it not having a pump, but I've had no spills. I simply hold it vertically upside down (the cap doesn't let the product fall out) and squeeze a few drops into my hand. No mess, and I think it will be better for travelling too. Plus, I think it looks really cute. We've got a winner!
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