Sunday 22 February 2015

A Fitness Haul

Yep, you bet I'm joining that "new year, time to get fit" hype. I'm realistically starting small, and working my way through some YouTube workouts (these have been my favourite thus far) before I commit to any sort of membership or expensive workout clothing. I really want to be enjoying working out before I spend a load of money, and so I looked around for some affordable options...

This lovely sports bra came from H&M, and although I was doubtful that a 'clothing size' would fit properly compared to a bra size would fit well, I was pleasantly surprised! It fits really comfortably and keeps everything in place when I'm jumping about.

I managed to snap up these Nike Kaishi Run trainers from their site for £62, about half of what I was expecting to pay for a good pair of shoes. I went for a black, grey and white combo so I could also wear them with my normal clothes if I had to pop outside quickly (I'm thinking the dreaded laundry run across my block of flats) and I really like them! I wouldn't call these proper running shoes, but for working out in my room and for some short distance jogging (eek) I think these should do the trick.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this haul is the #MissguidedActive stuff. There were so many gorgeous patterns and prints but me being me, I went for a simple black and mint combo. I can assure you, though, I will totally be going back for more. The cropped leggings are a dream to wear - they are so comfortable and I love that they are high waisted so I don't feel too on show if I'm wearing just a sports bra-esque top. The shirt I bought is a double layered baggy tee and naturally this is super comfy too!

I definitely think that feeling good in the clothes you're wearing motivates you to work hard, and so I'm really happy with this bunch!
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