Wednesday 25 February 2015

A New Favourite Mask

After a lovely recent trip into The Body Shop, I came out with this face mask. The assistant in the shop knew I was looking for something to sort out my dehydrated skin and so the Honey & Oat Mask was her recommendation!

The Body Shop's Honey & Oat Mask doesn't look too amazing (my first thought was porridge) but it smells gorgeous and hey - it works! As far as I know, the honey supplies moisture and soothes the skin, and the oats work as a gentle exfoliant which get to work as you massage the mask off. Basically, my very dry skin is left feeling so much softer and refreshed, and not irritated at all.

I've always had dry skin but this sudden dehydration was really starting to affect how my makeup looked once on - and I can honestly say that this mask has been a huge help in that department (the other product I've used will be in a later post once I've tested it out some more!). What's more, it's generally just a nice mask to use and not too pricey at all!
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