Wednesday 16 September 2015

A Summer Glow

Despite being very pale, I do like to add a little tan to my face and body for the summer months. We're not talking tanned here, but just a healthy glow to pretend that I actually spend my time outside instead of working or binging on Netflix. I know we're heading into the Autumn months as of now, but I still like to hold onto this glow for a little while longer. Anyway, here's the few products I like to slap on my face to help.

The tan // I simply apply this as my last step in my skincare routine at night, all over and then some extra over the high points of my face, and I find myself left with a lovely glow. I also make sure to apply down my neck and collarbone area just to make sure everything is even! It lasts for a good three days before I need to apply more, but I'm thinking that it may last longer on those who don't use oils or exfoliants on their face every day.

The base // I talked about this CC Cream last summer, and the time has come for me to use it again. I tend to mix it with a tiny bit of my usual foundation (Rimmel Match Perfection) so it's the perfect colour while I'm still in the process of tanning, and then by itself when I'm that slightest bit darker in tone. I just love how it evens out my skin tone while leaving a light base.

The bronze // This is a fairly new bronzer to me, but a firm favourite. I'm not really into contouring but I tend to apply the darker shade in my cheekbone area, with the lighter tone brushed over top, and around the hairline - sometimes over my cheekbones and nose if I want to look more sun kissed. Viola.
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