Saturday 19 September 2015

Loving Stella

I'm picky with fragrances. I'm the type who buys one, uses it until the last drop is gone, and then searches for another similar-but-not-too-similar scent. When my beloved Daisy Dream was used up, I searched high and low and after Anna's recommendation I had a sniff of this and ordered it online (for the discount, of course) immediately.

I'm awful at describing scents, but let's give it a go, shall we? The Stella EDT by Stella McCartney is a pretty one - it's light and fresh and sweet and a little floral but not overly so. It's probably more of a Spring scent but I personally don't match my fragrances to seasons. Can I also just mention the packaging for a second? It's beautiful, and my order came with a free mini Stella nail polish in a gorgeous shade - although it chipped the day I wore it which was disappointing.

When it comes to fragrances, I do think it's better for you to just smell it yourself, as scents are a very personal thing. Head to a Boots and give it a sniff! I'm also thinking I should buy myself a second fragrance to have on the go - this one is already beginning to run low. The original Stella, perhaps? Any similar smelling recommendations would be appreciated!
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