Saturday 24 January 2015

The Budget Silver Shampoo

When I dyed my hair into a blonde ombre 'do, I went out and bought the cheapest toning shampoo I could. I wanted to test out a cheap one to see if it worked before splashing out on anything else, but I've been so impressed by Pro:Voke's Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo that I think it's going to stay!

For those who don't know, the violet pigment in these silver shampoos cancels out any brassy tones in your hair, and makes it look blonder, rather than yellow/orange. This bottle was only £3 so I wasn't expecting too much, but it has delivered and has even brightened the overall colour too. I dyed my hair nearly two months ago now and it looks exactly the same as that first day - I actually think it looks a little brighter!

The shampoo itself lathers up really well, and after being left on for 5 minutes it really does help in cancelling out the brassiness. It does make my hair feel a little dry and tangly once it's washed out, but a good conditioner afterwards quickly sorts that out! The bottle suggests to use this twice a week, but as I only wash my hair once a week I just use it then on the dyed parts of my hair, after washing with my regular shampoo.

While I'm sure there are some purple toners that could work better, I'm really happy with this budget purchase and so thought I should share for anyone in the same boat!
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