Tuesday 2 January 2018

4 Years of emiloue

Four years. It feels unreal. I can still remember sitting in college and telling my friend Gemma that I'd started a fashion and beauty blog. I would spend my days there then head back home and take photos in my bedroom, using a tripod and awful lighting. I would just take a photo of my outfit from that day, write about why I chose it, then post. I like to think that now I'm much more refined and informational, but let's be real, I'm still the same girl who just likes talking about clothes and makeup...

I'd like to skip past my tumultuous personal life this year and talk about blogging. I like the content I've written, I do, but I feel like it just doesn't measure up to what the blogosphere has become these days. I'm the "fashion" person in my real life, but online my outfits look relatively plain and something perhaps seen before. I once had soaring pageviews that then dropped significantly and it's a very, very gradual climb back up. I joined blogging when it was just becoming known as a job rather than simply a hobby - although it's always only been a hobby for me - and I feel like my irregular posting during uni term times has really set me back in many ways. I know I could put more effort in, but then what's the point? Will I really succeed in a place that is so saturated? These are the questions I ask myself, and then you know what? I just make content anyway.

There is something so special about creating a blog. I'm the full creative force behind this. I research, write, photograph, edit, promote. I don't want to say I'll never try and pursue blogging as a career, but right now it's actually nice having this be my hobby. I'm reaching the stage of my university career where I'm expected to start publishing my writing. And that's bloody terrifying. So it's nice to have this, where I can write about lipstick and denim jackets - not just how pretty they are, but how they shape me as a person. This blog is me, my interests. It's followed me from midway college through (almost) all four years of university. I've evolved so much, and it's all documented here.

I've loved stepping up my photography with a new lens recently (oh my, it's made a world of a difference) and I'm learning that for this blog to thrive I need to write about things that matter to me. Lipstick and handbags are all well and good, but I want to discuss things of more importance. Things that make me think, things that I want to share with you all, maybe even things that I've never shown the internet like my creative writing. These ideas excite me, and yet I'm still precarious that it may all be futile if no one will read them.

So what's my point? I don't feel like I can succeed in this field but I'm doing anyway because it's fun? I guess so. I'm full of ideas about what I want this website to be (I'm also thinking a redesign and a move to Wordpress), and I hope I manage to meet some of those standards now set in my head. Thank you so, so much for reading this little blog. I know I'm rubbish at posting sometimes but I hope you have all noticed that I respond to every single comment aimed in my direction - it honestly means the world to me that someone has something to say about a thing I've written. It's time to move onto my fifth (FIFTH!) year of emiloue. Thanks for sticking with the journey!

Em xo

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