Thursday 18 January 2018

From Me to Me

I know this is a self-indulgent post, but because this purchase is so exciting for me, I really wanted to share it with you all. Since Pop & Suki launched I've followed them on Instagram, liking every photo and lusting after every style and colour option they came out with. When, a few months ago, they came out with their Camera Bag in red, I knew I had to set my mind on getting that bag. Say hello to my new baby...

I went for the Bigger Camera Bag as I want to be able to use this most days, rather than keeping it this sacred or "just for special occasions" bag. It fits everything I need for a regular day out, without allowing me to overpack! I also chose to go for the red as I'm making a conscious effort to be more me. I spoke recently about how I've been coming into my own and making bolder fashion choices, and a red bag symbolises that for me. Gone are the days of choosing a black bag to be safe, it's time to embrace colour! Red is something I've been drawn to over the past year, and I can't see myself wanting to part from it now. And of course, I did choose to get it personalised. I love that Pop & Suki allow you to customise your bags, especially because the writing goes on the underside. It's something that isn't noticeable straight away. I chose to get the writing in their gorgeous blush shade because, well, obviously.

The bag aside, I did want to speak about why I made this purchase. The gorgeous Chloe Plumstead wrote an amazing post about luxury purchases, which I encourage you all to read. But to brutally strip down her thoughts, I wanted this bag because it is something I have dreamed of for over a year. And I dreamed of it because I never thought I would get it. I know that it isn't the most expensive bag out there - it's pretty low on the high-end scale - but it's still not something I could buy without serious consideration and saving up. I did choose to treat myself because you know what, this year wasn't so great for me. I've been feeling like only half of myself. But in the past few weeks I've been reflecting on my year and looking to 2018 as so many others are doing, and I want this year to be better. Step one of a good 2018 is to be kinder to myself, so this bag is a physical reminder of that.

I know a handbag isn't going to change my life, it isn't going to cure my sadness. But it does show that I can treat myself as I would a best friend. Yes, it's a pretty bag. But it's my pretty bag, and one I'm really happy I've got.
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