Sunday 28 January 2018

Currently Listening To... #3

It's time for another Currently Listening To! A list of songs I've found myself playing over and over throughout the past couple months or so. As always I feel like a lot of these were influenced by films I watched. There's the IT soundtrack, songs from Call Me By Your Name, and a rediscovery of America's Sister Golden Hair which I heard for the first time in a while during a Miss Stevens watch. But there's also a running theme of some nice and chill songs which I had in the background while I was getting through dissertation reading - with some more upbeat bops to get me motivated. And of course, a song from my new Father John Misty vinyl (the prettiest thing ever!), a lovely Christmas gift. Enjoy!

1. Sister Golden Hair >> America
2. Six Different Ways >> The Cure
3. Dear God >> XTC
4. I Love You, Honeybear >> Father John Misty
5. Junk >> Paul McCartney
6. Mystery of Love >> Sufjan Stevens
7. Visions of Gideon >> Sufjan Stevens
8. Love My Way >> The Psychadelic Furs
9. Run For Cover >> The Killers
10. Should I Stay or Should I Go >> The Clash
11. Romeo and Juliet >> The Killers
12. Never Give Up On Me >> MisterWives
13. Any Time At All >> The Beatles
14. House of My Soul (You Light The Rooms) >> Langhorne Slim
15. Whole Love >> Wilco
16. City of Angels >> The Head and the Heart
17. Simple Song >> The Shins

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