Monday 8 January 2018

On Dressing Bolder

Being a blogger, I often compare myself to the people around me. There are so many amazing women whose style I adore, and when I look at my own wardrobe I feel like there isn't any point in my blogging it. However, I've been so excited to take outfit photos recently - and it's not because I've bought a whole new wardrobe, or bought things to specifically blog about. I haven't. It's because I feel like I'm finally coming into my own with my style. Everyone's style changes all the time so I'm sure a year from now I'll feel differently, but for now let's talk about why I think this is...

When I started this blog I was always an advocate of wearing whatever you want to wear, and I still am. But back then, I dressed pretty monochrome and pretty casual. While I'll always choose comfort, it's clear to me now that my true self can't always be expressed in black and white. Recently I was chatting with a friend about our fashion choices and I wanted to write a little on it - about my evolution, but also just on fashion choices in general. We all evolve and fashion is one of the ways that we show this to people. I think back on my style and I love the steps I've taken to now. I wear tons more glitter and sequins, I embrace colour - especially pink - in a way I never would have thought, and I push the boundaries of what I think suits me. There are things I will never be comfortable wearing, but even shimmying into a mini skirt for the first time in years is a pretty big step forward for me.

I remember days when I would state, "Oh I can't wear red, I only look good in cool colours," and chuckle a little. Who knew red would be one of my favourite colours to wear? Even a year ago I would probably never have the guts to wear a hot pink crushed velvet skirt. Part of it is because yes, my tastes have simply changed, but what I think is more important is that I'm finally brave enough to wear something like this. There were times where I would cringe if I was wearing "too many" colours at once, and now I feel a bit strange if I don't have any brights going on in my outfit. I used to wear heeled boots every day at college because I felt so short without them, and now I pretty much live in trainers and flat boots because I just don't care. I'll always have a soft spot for a heeled boot but it's nice that I feel I don't have to rely on them anymore. I think the same has happened with lipstick too, strangely enough. I was never seen without a red or berry lipstick for a good couple years and now I feel so strange in anything other than a pinky nude lip! I think I always worried that I would look too pale or washed out in a nude, but now it's so comfortable to swipe on a colour that doesn't need checked on.

Perhaps a nude lip isn't a bold choice, but you see my point. Every time I buy something now, I ask myself if it's me. We all spend so much time asking ourselves how other people will view us in something we wear, but I'm happy to say I'm reaching that point where I don't really care. I do want to be seen in my clothes - but I want people to look at me and think of my outfit as something wholly me, not something that they love because it's completely trend-led or "normal." As long as I can remember I have looked at clothes and thought I couldn't pull them off, but guys, it's so fun to try. And sometimes you're right and you don't suit those things, but that's fine! You just send them back and look for something else. 

Winter always gives me a ton of fashion inspiration. I love coats, and I love anything glitter-adorned. I think that the happy atmosphere surrounding style at this time of year makes me excited to try more. I always plan my Christmas Day and Hogmanay outfits weeks ahead, and love to think of outfits for all the shopping trips and cocktail nights. It's when I'm the happiest, style wise, and coupled with the New Year I'm feeling a new lease of life. It's mad how a sparkly top or red beret can completely change your opinion on yourself!

While this post was mostly a self-indulgent look myself and my style, I hope it has made you think about your own. We are so lucky to have fashion blogging (among other things) to inspire us to dress boldly - even if your bold is just trying a different shape of jeans. I suggest you think about what makes you happy to be dressed in, because I'm striving to do it now and the effect is so lovely.

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