Friday 29 December 2017

A Christmas Day Candy Cane Outfit

Merry (belated) Christmas! I don't know about you, but I always spend weeks planning what I'm going to wear on Christmas Day. I think it's because I would always be so excited for the day as a child - wearing a pretty dress and slipping around the floor in white tights. Not much has changed, let's be real...

I like to call this outfit Candy Cane Chic. I won't lie, the beret and heels were kicked off after the photos were taken, BUT I do love the ensemble. I bought the skirt months ago and never got the chance to wear it (the party I'd bought it for was rescheduled to January) but I knew I wanted to break it out again for Christmas. Forest green is one of those festive colours which I often overlook, but I couldn't resist the jewel tones - and I'm dying to get it in this gorgeous red/plum colour too. Even though it's a petite style it's still a teeny bit longer than I'd like, but the slit makes up for it by still showing off a bit of skin.

I spent months, and no I am not exaggerating, searching for a white fluffy jumper like this. Whenever I thought I'd found one it wasn't fluffy enough, or was cropped, or was massively oversized. But this is a nice Goldilocks piece, a slim fit but still just baggy enough to hide a food baby, and looks lovely with any skirt or trouser I pair it with. Even better was the fact that I took it to the till expecting to be charged £17.99 and it was only £10!

I could dedicate a whole post to these sequin shoes and who knows, maybe I will, but can. we. just. appreciate. them. I'm such a magpie but always resist buying gaudy shoes as I rarely wear heels. However, I saw these and fell in love and thought, hey, if I buy these at least I'll have ridiculous shoes and won't have to buy any more. We'll all just pretend that's the truth, ok? Ok. (P.S. they're on sale now!)

There you go, my Christmas Day outfit! I know lots of families don't dress up for Christmas but our family have always gone for that 'dressy-but-casual' vibe. Something pretty, but that is still comfortable. And there's no better feeling than celebrating the most wonderful day of the year while dressed as a candy cane! I hope you all had a lovely day!

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