Thursday 21 December 2017

A Christmas Day Lip Edit

Perhaps not everyone thinks about their lipstick choices as much as I do, but when I have a full day of festivities on the horizon I definitely give what lipstick I'm going to wear a second thought. Do you go totally festive with a glossy red lip? Give up and just whack on a lip balm? Here's my shortlist for the day, if you will...

The matte red >> Sometimes, it has to be done. You have to set off your Christmas vibes with a Christmas red. Opting for a matte formula means it will last longer, and hopefully fade evenly. There is a risk of it rubbing off during your feast, but a tough formula like the MAC mattes will stick around. It may need checking every now and then, but you don't have to lose hope on a red lip! My favourite red is MAC's Tenor Voice, which was limited edition a couple of years ago, but all of their reds are known for packing a punch and clinging on. Just make sure to wear a lip balm underneath.

The matte pink >> Another matte option, but this one will fade far more effortlessly as it is a nude/pink option. My favourite is Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk Lipstick, which leans more pink than my natural lip colour. It looks like I'm wearing a colour, but as it fades it will fade to my natural lip colour in a way that won't be detectable! And shout out to Charlotte Tilbury's mattes for still being a comfortable and creamy formula - they stick around, but they won't suck all the moisture out of your lips.

The creamy nude >> Now, this is most likely going to be my option for the day. A creamy nude will set nicely against any sparkly makeup, keep your lips far more moisturised than a matte formula, and will fade graciously throughout the day. It can also be applied without a mirror, meaning those quick touch-ups will actually be quick. My favourite option of this kind is, and deepest apologies, but I'm going to talk about another discontinued lipstick, the Fleur de Force x MAC Lipstick. For me it's the perfect browny-nude and it feels so comfortable on the lips.
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