Monday 11 December 2017

The December Post (& A Christmas Playlist!)

It's my last Monthly Post of 2017! I'm currently deciding what my 2018 Monthly Posts will be, whether I'm switching up the format or just getting rid for something new! However, let's talk about my November. I'll be totally honest, I can barely remember anything except working on my final Creative Writing folio and another essay for my Victorian Literature module. I think I've spent more time sitting at my desk than anything else... fun. Anyway, it's time to look at the month ahead for the last time this year, and I've chucked on a Christmas playlist at the end for you all...

Christmas >> I can't not mention the most wonderful time of the year! I love Christmas, so this month is basically just me being excited about the holiday. My final deadline was due on Monday (hence why this post is a little late), and now I have over a month to myself, where I'm so looking forward to heading home and having some much-needed chill time.

Dissertation prep >> Well, I say chill time, but in reality I will still be doing a little uni work. I have my dissertation coming up after the holidays, so I'll be doing a bunch of reading prep for that! The good thing is, it's an excuse to read lots of Noir/hard-boiled fiction and watch Film Noir for "research".

Family time >> I think this past year has taught me just how nice it is to be at home. I love living in another city as I have a real sense of independence, but with so many rubbish things that happened in my 2017, I spent more time visiting my family that I have in previous uni years. It will be so nice getting to spend nearly a month around lots of unconditional love - especially as my cousin just bought her first flat so I have somewhere new to visit!

Presents >> With Christmas around the corner, I'm obviously very excited to be hunting out gifts for my family and friends. I normally have most of my presents sorted by now so it's actually a little stressful that I currently have only bought a few - the organisational part of me is panicking. But, I'm looking forward to planning out the gifts as soon as my essay is out of the way. I've been told I'm a very good gift-giver!

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