Thursday 1 June 2017

The June Post

Well, May was a hectic month. I had a few birthday parties, found out I need to search for a new job after only two months of working at my current place because the store is closing, and I won an award! I was so surprised and pleased to find out that I won Best Section for my uni's magazine at our media awards - I'm so proud that something I worked my butt off on is getting recognition! Anyway, here's a look at the month ahead...

Blogging >> I'm finding my feet with blogging again, and I've been posting regularly for roughly a month now, a few months sporadically too. There's been a lot of beauty around here because it's easy to photograph myself and I've been on a beauty kick the past few weeks, but I'm hoping I can rope someone into helping me with fashion photography this month - I miss outfit posts! There will be one going up in a few days, but I've got a really exciting purchase coming soon which I can't wait to photograph.

Packing >> In July my current lease will end which means I finally get to move flat! I can't stand where I'm living right now for various reasons, so it's such a relief that the move is around the corner. In an attempt to be way more organised than usual, I'm slowly packing up this month so I won't have a mad rush at the end. So far I'm in the 'my room is messier than it's ever been and I don't know how I accumulated this much stuff' stage, so it can only go up from here.

Reading >> Being an English Lit student, my term time is full of reading. Most are texts I do genuinely like, but it's so nice when it gets to my holidays and I can read books that I've picked myself. Right now I'm starting to make a dent in Derren Brown's Happy, but I think I might move onto Stephen King next, probably finally giving Misery a read. Recommendations are of course welcome, tell me your favourite books!
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