Thursday 8 June 2017

Stupidly Simple Beauty Tips

You know those beauty habits you have that totally rock your world but you've actually forgotten to tell people about them to spread the joy? That's what this post is. Read on to hear about those tiny tricks that are actually so useful...

Pluck your eyebrows when they're still drawn on >> I know that the urge is to pluck your eyebrows at night when you're pampering yourself, but in reality it is so much easier to pluck them when you still have your makeup on - or at least your brows still filled in. You can see your ideal brow shape (you drew them that way for a reason!) so there is no chance of accidentally over-plucking.

Curl your eyelashes from the tip to the base >> When you simply squeeze your eyelash curlers at the base of your lashes, you aren't reaching their full curly potential. Instead, start towards the tip and squeeze a couple of times, then do the same in the middle, and then the same at the base of your lashes. It creates a more dramatic curl which tends to last much longer.

Leave your thumbs to the end when painting your nails >> I remember writing a post on this tip way back in the day, but I'm going to share it again because it's a life saver. When painting your nails, leave out your thumbs. This way, you have two clean thumb nails to sweep away any rogue nail polish without ruining your manicure. Once you've completed all your layers, paint the thumbs which are typically the easiest to do anyway, and you've got nice and tidy nails!

Pat your skincare in >> Instead of rubbing or smoothing creams and serums and oils over your face, rub them between your hands to warm them, then gently press and pat onto your face. I tried this after hearing Jamie Genevieve saying so, and noticed the same as her - the products work into your skin much easier and you genuinely notice them working much better after consistently doing it. It sounds like a faff and like it would take much longer but it honestly doesn't!

Do you have any simple beauty tips you swear by? Leave them below!
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