Sunday 4 June 2017

An Easy Breezy Summer Outfit

When it comes to summer (Scottish summer, that is) you can usually get away with jeans and a tee on sunny days. But sometimes we're greeted with a heatwave, and skin tight jeans just won't cut it. I thought one of these rare days coupled with a walk to the Botanic Gardens would be a great day to test out my new favourites; some super flowy striped trousers. Paired with a boxy crop top and trainers, this was a really simple outfit that featured no tight or clingy clothes. Perfect for a super hot day. We may have gone a little snap happy..

I'm so obsessed with the trousers. I think they're super chic and I'm glad I took the risk in getting them - we all know I'm a tight jeans type of gal, so these were a step outside of my comfort zone at first. But I've been greeted with many compliments and I feel so comfortable in them. I've since worn them with a red tee which I think is such a cute look and probably my preferred combination thus far, but the grey crop featured here was definitely needed for that particular day, especially when we stepped into the greenhouse and I felt like my makeup was melting off. I know the colour isn't super summery but it was the perfect style. 

Now, I'm super short so I admit that I did have to get these tailored - about two inches were taken up so they would hit me at a relatively normal level! But I'm personally so happy that I took a gamble and bought them anyway. I've tried on a bunch of wide leg trousers and culottes but they've never been very flattering on me or even fit properly, but I loved how comfortable these ones were as soon as I slipped them on in the changing room. I'm even tempted to go back to Zara and pick up more; I'm thinking this polka dot pair if they're still around, and perhaps a black pair too!


P.S. Thanks to Liam who I finally managed to rope into being my photographer. I'm also going to shout out his film blog Cinemaccess which you should all go take a gander at! 
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