Wednesday 30 April 2014

Monthly Favourites // April 2014

Before now, I had never written up a 'Favourites' post. I don't tend to buy a whole batch of new products frequently, so I often use the same things most days. But, then I thought that it would be fun to make, and so I've decided that each month I will try and pick out five items (whether that be fashion or beauty) and a few extras, like TV and music. So, here we go!

Fashion & Beauty
1. Boots // Topshop
I think by now we all know how much I love these. I even wrote a post about my chunky black boot obsession the other day. They are super-duper comfy, give me height without feeling as if I'm wearing heels, and they go with pretty much any outfit.

2. Sunglasses // Primark. 
I have a lot of difficulty finding sunglasses that both suit and fit me, because I have a small head. These fit perfectly though, and I love the style of them. It's been nice to actually need to wear sunglasses with this sunnier weather, and they were only £2!

3. Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon // Plum Russian.
I've spoken about this before, but it's been on my lips almost every day since I bought it. The plum colour is beautiful, glossy and flattering, and it's really moisturising and wears well too.

4. Sleek Face Form Palette // Fair.
Yet another thing I've talked about a few times. This Rose Gold blush is the perfect way to perk up your face when it's a little "bleh". The highlighter does the same thing, giving a natural glow. And, the contour shade is a really great colour for my pale skin, despite looking a tad dark in the pan.

5. Tanya Burr Nail Polish // Penguin Chic. 
This is the only Tanya Burr product I have, and I love it to bits. It's a really great neutral colour that goes with any outfit (although I don't really care when my nails and clothes don't match) and the formula is amazing. Long lasting, shiny nails in a gorgeous colour? Yes please.
Scuff marks from crossing your ankles not included

1. TV // That '70s Show. 
I've been going through a rewatch of the entirety of this show this month, and I'm on season 3 now. I forgot how hilarious it is - it genuinely has me laughing out loud. A great teen sitcom with loads of '70s references if you're ever looking for one.

2. Music. 
I always make a monthly playlist on my 8tracks account, featuring the eight songs I've listened to the most that month. This month it features Kyla la Grange, Bright Eyes, The Black Keys and more so go have a listen!
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