Saturday 26 April 2014

The Lydia Look // Teen Wolf 3x07 Inspired Outfit

I think by now we all know about my love for Lydia Martin from the TV show Teen Wolf, as well as my love for Holland Roden, the lovely lady playing her. Seeing as my last Lydia post featuring a hairstyle tutorial of hers went down so well, I thought it would be fun to make a little series. I plan on picking out my favourite looks of hers - whether it be a full outfit like today, or another hairstyle, maybe even a makeup look - and recreating them, to show you how you can too!

What I'm Wearing:
Shirt // Topshop
Skirt // Topshop
Shoes // Dune
Sunglasses // Primark

Today I went with an outfit from episode 3x07, where Lydia wears a denim shirt tied at the waist, and a purple floral skirt. I was debating going with another floral skirt (I don't have a purple one) but decided to just go for a speckled skirt in a similar colour. I couldn't work out what kind of shoes she was wearing, so went for a "Lydia-esque" pair I had, these black wedges. If in doubt, go for some heels as Lydia is always wearing some. She isn't wearing sunglasses in the show, but I literally could not go without them, it was so bright outside! I have a feeling she would go for big shades like these, though.

Lydia has also worn a similar look in another episode of Teen Wolf, but is wearing a black skirt instead. The general look is so simple to recreate - you can just pair a denim shirt with any skirt you like!

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