Tuesday 22 April 2014

What I've Been Up To // Easter Sunday at Loch Lomond

There is a form of depression, called Seasonal Affective Disorder. Basically, when the colder, darker winter months arrive, the brain is triggered to produce low moods. This is opposed with the summer, and I'm so glad the weather is finally becoming nice here in Scotland. I really do get in a much better mood when the sun is out and it is slightly warmer - I'm miserable when I'm cold. I just want to get out and do things, rather than staying wrapped up in bed like I do in the winter.

On Easter Sunday, a few members of my family and I headed to Loch Lomond for a little sausage sizzle on the beach. After visiting a university applicant day on the Saturday (which was full of excitement and nerves on my part) it was just so lovely getting to sit down, eat food, and relax while looking at a beautiful view and drinking up the sunshine. We tend to gravitate to one of the beach areas around the loch when the weather is like this, and I always get snap happy so I thought I'd show you the gorgeous landscape.

Getting annoyed while skimming stones - my record was seven

I hope everyone that celebrates it had a lovely Easter - what did you do over the holiday?
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