Monday 28 April 2014

The Chunky Boot Obsession

It began with my beloved studded Romwe boots, then spread to another Romwe pair (this time laced) and has resulted in this gorgeous Chelsea boot-styled number from Topshop. Being very petite and often a sufferer of very sore feet while wearing flat soles, chunky platform boots like this are a godsend.

Don't be mistaken by their height, each pair is incredibly comfortable and easy to walk in. They also do not look or feel clumpy at all, even with more delicate looking outfits. I like to wear all of these casually (dressed up on certain occasions too, though) but I do feel like the Topshop pair are a little more sophisticated looking, with the laced pair being on the opposite end of the spectrum, and the spiked pair a happy medium.

Being a black boot they do go with almost any outfit you could imagine, and provide a high level of comfort with that bonus height. You may see that my studded pair are suffering, they've been worn constantly for six months and now need resoled at the front!

If you don't own a chunky pair of black boots, what are you doing? Go try a pair on, you may be pleasantly surprised. And for those of you who share my growing obsession, let's not feel bad if we feel like buying yet another pair, okay? They are so versatile. As least, that's what I will keep telling myself.

P.S. And why not tell me what you would choose to wear with any of these boots? I always love getting outfit suggestions!
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