Friday 2 May 2014

Daily Outfits // The Cinema Trip

I realised I hadn't featured a daily outfit on here in a while, so quickly took some snaps before I went to the cinema! I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier by the way, and it was brilliant. I managed to not cry, which is an achievement for me (I cry at a lot of films). Anyway, onto the outfit...

What I'm Wearing:
Cami // Forever 21
Top (underneath) // H&M
Denim jacket // New Look
Disco pants // Topshop
Boots // Topshop
Necklace // Accessorize
Bag // New Look

I should state now, this was one of those "the jacket stays on" kind of outfits. It wasn't incredibly warm so I wore a plain black tank top underneath the cami, which as you can see doesn't look amazing. The cami will look lovely with a bandeau though, or a bikini in summer! I love the cut and the print, it's not quite tribal but it's still very summery and adds a nice pop of colour without being too bright.

All in all, this is a pretty simple, comfy outfit - something you need for the cinema, really. As this was my most unorganised outfit post yet, I have the shoes and bag, and a necklace which I decided to add after the photos had been taken, above. I'm not very happy with the framing of the background either, but hey, it matches my top!
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