Tuesday 6 May 2014

Good Vibes Jewellery

I have always had a soft spot for wishbones. My aunt wears a gold wishbone necklace a lot of the time, and a few years ago I found out it was a good luck token for her. Then, at Christmas last year I was gifted with these beautiful silver wishbone earrings from her, and she said that they were for good luck. Then, for my birthday this year, she gifted me with yet another wishbone, this time in the form of a necklace. Again, I was told it was for good luck, specifically with my exams coming up!

I personally am not superstitious, but I like to wear these items when I need a pick-me-up, as I find they just give me good vibes. By no means do I think they help me in the luck sense, but hey, they make me feel good! It's nice knowing that you have someone supporting you throughout your life, and that you can look down at a special token and smile when you're reminded of them. Also, it's nice to wear matching jewellery for once!

Do you have any jewellery items (or other items) that you think have a positive effect on you?
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