Sunday, 6 April 2014

Outfits // Sunshine & Daisies

With the warmer weather approaching, I thought it would be nice to style up a bright, sunshine inspired outfit.

What I'm Wearing:
Top // River Island
Cardigan // Primark
Skirt // Forever 21
Boots // Romwe
Necklace // H&M
Bag* // Just For £5

I usually wear this mustard yellow crop top with dark colours to really tone it done, as I think it's really in-your-face. However, when I noticed it matched the little dots on my daisy print skirt, I knew I had to wear them together. I paired them with a chunky knit cream cardigan to supply warmth (it's not that warm yet) and my lace up boots. I added a studded chain necklace to add a bit more of an edge, too.

Then, I went for this huge oversized bag to pull everything together! When I first saw this bag I didn't think it was for me, due to there being no shoulder strap, but it's actually pretty nice. The brown (faux) leather has a worn snakeskin effect to it, which I really love. Plus, it's spacious so it would be a good day bag to accompany a picnic or something, which is what I imagine this outfit would be nice and appropriate for! Let me know what you think of it!


  1. Lovely outfit. I love the orange top!

  2. Love that skirt. I went into Forever 21 at the weekend and saw nothing I liked! Must have missed this :)
    Bea x

    Bea's Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks ^_^ It was actually a gift, I haven't seen it in stores either! Forever 21 change up their stock often, once something is sold out they just bring in new items. So that means there's loads of times I go in and see nothing either!

  3. Ooo the daisy skirt is so cute! Love the boots too!


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