Thursday, 26 March 2015

Going Pink

Well, my hair is definitely more rose gold than pink, thanks to my blonde ombre fading. And it just does not want to photograph. But, you get the jist...

I've been thinking of changing up my hair colour for a while now, and as soon as I found out that the pretty Bleach London dyes I always see in Boots are only semi-permanent, I grabbed this Rose bottle. For only £5, I thought it would be a cheap and cheerful way to brighten up my hair - both literally and figuratively!

I couldn't get a great photo in natural light, so this filtered IG snap will have to do, sorry!

It was really easy to use, which is saying something as I'm a complete novice to dyeing hair myself. I simply donned gloves, coated the shampooed ombre sections of my hair in the conditioner-esque dye, and after the recommended 15 minutes I washed it out to... well, not very bright pink. I ended up repeating the process to achieve what I have pictured!

Although the colour hasn't reached it's full potential due to my faded blonde, I'm really happy with the result! I didn't want to do anything too bold for my first time trying an unnatural colour, and so I think this was a great option for me, especially because it washes out in 2-10 washes. Plus, even with my two applications I still have 2/3 of the bottle left, so I'm hoping to try it out again once I've got my blonde ombre back!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

The New Brow Saviour

I've done a couple brow themed posts in the past, but once again I've come across a product that I adore, and that has taken its rightful place in my makeup bag. Welcome, Soap & Glory's Archery Brow Tint & Pencil...

This product is a double ended number, with one end being a fine tip pen and the other a slightly larger waxy pencil. The pen end is great for drawing in individual hairs and cleaning up the edges of your brows, while the pencil fills in all the gaps effortlessly!

I've never really liked using a brow pencil as I find they are often way too red toned. However, the medium colour in Brownie Points suits me perfectly. I can't fault this guy at all - except maybe it not having a spoolie attached too. Once I've quickly coloured in my brows I brush them through with Benefit Gimme Brow for some added definition and hey presto, I'm done!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Glow Givers

That natural, lit-from-within glow is always a dream that can go so horribly wrong and shiny. However, I've got a couple products that can help you achieve that glow without going over the top.

Let's start at the base, with a good ol' primer. The Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer does what it says on the tin. This pinky-hued cream can be worn patted over makeup as a subtle highlight, but I prefer the effect given when I wear it under foundation. It adds a subtle sheen to the face (not a bad one!) and the colour of it brightens any dullness you may be suffering from. Plus, it's a primer, so it smooths everything out and keeps your makeup on longer - bonus!

If that ain't enough for you (or, y'know, this could be an either/or situation) then my next suggestion would be the coveted YSL Touche Eclat Highlighting Pen. Granted, there are much cheaper dupes around, but this is the only highlighting pen I own and so it's taking center stage! This is great for applying under your eyes in the infamous Kim K triangle, over the cheekbones, down the nose, anywhere you'd like to brighten. The glow given is subtle and it's a step I feel lost without now!

Of course there are the dewy foundations and the shimmery highlighters (my favourites are Rimmel Match Perfection and Sleek's Highlight from their Face Form Contour Kit in Fair, respectively) but when I'm needing that extra boost, these are the guys I reach for first.

Monday, 9 March 2015

19 Things I Leaned Before Turning 19

Well, today is my birthday and I'm turning the boring ol' age of nineteen. I don't particularly celebrate my birthday but being the nostalgic person I am, I looked back at my life and came up with a few things I've learned over the years - here are the first nineteen that popped into my head. They're simple and probably very specific to me, but I hope you enjoy...

Friday, 6 March 2015

The Winter Rack

I've finally got around to photographing my 'Winter Rack' - the clothes I've been reaching for over this past (and current - it's still cold in Scotland) season. I'll do a general overview and then pick out a few of my favourite items!

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