Thursday, 28 August 2014

Brand New // Lace Trim Shorts

Summer is sadly now drawing to a close so I've been trying to wear these as much as I can. Romwe had one of their flash sales about a month ago on these black lace trim shorts and as I had been lusting after a very similar pair from Ark, I decided to snap these up for around £6.

Top // Jack Wills
Shorts // Romwe
Necklace // Black Tied
Bracelet // Joma Jewellery

These shorts are incredibly comfortable and look a lot more chic than you would expect from the price tag. I've only worn them on casual occasions so far, but I have no doubt that the gorgeous lace trim would allow for a lovely dress up look as well. I love lace detailing and I think this particular eyelash style is so pretty.

One thing I would say about these is to consider sizing up. I'm usually an XS in Romwe items but after reading the measurements of these shorts I opted for the S and I'm glad I did. I think the XS would still have fitted and looked nice enough, but this size gives me a little more wiggle room and comfort.

Let me know what you think of these shorts! I'm sure I'll still wear these with tights when the weather inevitably cools way down, so look out for their appearance in the future!

Monday, 25 August 2014

An Alternative Use

I love me a Maybelline Colour Tattoo - On & On Bronze is one of my all-time favourite products. But, I just couldn't get on with Permanent Taupe. The colour didn't look right on me - it made me look really tired - and it creased after a few hours which hasn't happened with the others I've used. However, I've discovered an alternative use!

When I made my brow routine post a few months ago, someone told me that they use Permanent Taupe on their eyebrows. Curiosity got the better of me a few weeks ago and I finally tried it out. I was dubious that it would be a little too pale for me, but it is a great colour! It is similar in shade to Mac's Charcoal Brown Eyeshadow which I normally use, but a tad more grey toned.

I run a spoolie through my brows then apply this in little strokes with an angled brush, shaping the front a little as I always do. The spoolie goes through again and Benefit's Gimme Brow Gel in Light/Medium follows to add a little more dimension and hold - and voila!

Have you found any products that have unintended uses?

Friday, 22 August 2014

Daily Outfits // BBQ

I realised I haven't made a Daily Outfit post in a while (the last one posted included photos taken in Wales a month ago!) so when my family held a little BBQ in our garden, I thought I would take some snaps.

Top // H&M
Disco pants // Topshop
Boots // Heelberry
Necklace // Black Tied
Bracelet // Joma Jewellery
Watch // eBay

It wasn't super warm that day but it was quite mild, with the sunshine peeking through clouds every now and then. I went for my disco pants rolled up as they're lightweight while providing just the right amount of warmth. It wasn't necessarily planned but I like how this outfit fades from white to black as you look down. I've also been experimenting a little with the black-bra-under-white-top combo and I like it! And, jewellery consists of all I've been wearing the past few weeks - this gorgeous sparkly necklace and crescent moon beaded bracelet.

Let me know what you think!