Saturday 20 May 2017

The Perfect 21st Birthday Gift

I think everyone around here knows that I'm not a very blingy girl. When it comes to glitter I'm all in, but jewellery is always very paired back and simple when I have my say. However, when my mum announced that for my 21st birthday she wanted her and my dad to gift me with a ring, I was more than happy to trot around jewellers to look for something special...

My first thought was to go for a simple thin ring with tiny stones around the band, but the more rings I tried on, the more I realised I wanted something more. Eventually I settled on wanting a round shaped stone, and soon after that I found this gem (pun intended) in Goldsmiths. It's definitely a step up in glitz for me, but I actually adore the way it sparkles while still being quite small. I think the shape really suits me, and I'm so pleased with it!

I think a ring (or any kind of special jewellery) is a perfect gift for a big birthday like your 21st. I've said before that I'm not fussed about my birthdays, but obviously turning 21 is a pretty big deal culturally, so I understood why it was important to my parents that they got me something special. They were adamant that they wanted to get me something that I could keep forever, and jewellery is such a simple way to achieve this. I have this gorgeous ring that is also a reminder of my parents and turning such a pivotal age.

As with any post that I talk about being given a present, I of course don't want this to come across as bragging. Instead I want this to be inspiration for anyone who is searching for present ideas - especially towards those people like myself who struggle to come up with things you actually want to receive!
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