Wednesday 17 May 2017

New MAC Lipstick Loves

I have a pretty tiny MAC lipstick collection considering I've been blogging beauty for the past three years, but I've just picked up two new pretties bringing my total to a whopping... four. Numbers (and judgement) aside, here's a look at my two new MAC purchases, which also happen to be my current favourites...

When I saw that Fleur de Force was bringing out a lipstick with MAC I was immediately interested. Fleur and I don't have matchy matchy makeup tastes, but I always love the nude and neutral lipsticks that she shares, so I knew her's would be a good'un. I wasn't wrong. The creamsheen formula makes this so comfortable to wear, and I personally prefer a glossy or creamy looking nude to a matte so it's a winner there. And, the colour is so spot on for my lips. It's the slightest bit more brown than my natural lip colour but in a super flattering way, and I'm obsessed - I've been wearing it nearly every day whether it's for day or night. Well done Fleur, this is hands down my favourite MAC lipstick yet!

While MACxFleurDeForce (currently sold out, sorry! - it was limited edition but I'll update the link if there's a cheeky re-release!) has been pretty permanently applied to my lips, I can't ignore Patisserie. This is one of those cult shades that somehow I just never ended up buying. But of course, when I ordered the previous shade online I finally bit the bullet and bought this too. Patisserie is a lovely nude colour, which leans slightly peachy-pink, but still looks very neutral and a universal shade. The lustre finish means it's sheer and perfect for a natural look. It's also one of those shades that you can wear with a bare face and not look strange - that whole "no makeup but I'm very clearly wearing lipstick because I needed something" look? Not a problem here.

So there you go, my new lipstick finds. I often forget about MAC when it comes to lipsticks but I'm always blown away by the formulas which are so comfortable and yet long-lasting. What are your favourites? I feel like I need more!
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