Tuesday 8 July 2014

The Denim Trend

I think by now we all know how huge the denim clothing trend is. But, I thought I would share my favourite denim items nonetheless!

Dress // You've seen this Glamorous (purchased though ASOS) dress plenty already, but that is exactly why I had to include it. Not actually denim, the material is lightweight and swishes about. The plain cut and colour is also a great base for accessorising upon, or when going for an effortless-but-chic look.

Skirt // This is the newest addition to my denim collection, and is a little Topshop distressed leopard print number. The fabric of this is also swishy (this is important to me) and the skater style fits and flares out in the most perfect of ways. Plus, like jeans, it goes with pretty much any top!

Jacket // I think everyone needs a denim jacket in their life. They go with almost any outfit you can imagine, create an "I just rolled out of bed and threw this on but look awesome" effect, and really brighten up a look. They can also be thrown over a casual outfit or over a dressier one for, again, that effortless-but-chic image. I particularly like my New Look jacket, because it isn't too cropped like many I have seen.

I haven't included jeans on my denim list because honestly, I hate wearing them! I do have my eye on a thinner denim, highwaisted pair which may change my mind, though. BUT, yes, a classic pair of blue jeans would also be a staple if I did wear them, because they go with nearly everything! What do you think about the massive denim trend?
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