Saturday 12 July 2014

Brand New // Mint & White Chevron Print Phone Case

Recently I made a post about my growing love for fresh mint and white clothing. Well, that appears to have spread to my phone accessories now too. After my old case started falling apart (it literally had chunks missing) I decided to go browsing on eBay as iPhone cases are crazy expensive these days.

I found this mint and white chevron print case for a bargain £1.95, and it is from a UK seller so it arrived in a matter of days. It feels really durable too, but even if it doesn't last I won't mind, as for £1.95 it isn't a huge loss - I could even repurchase. I also like that it has clear sides so you can see the pretty silver casing of my phone. But the best thing? It fuels my love for chevron print and minty white goodness. It even matches my nails!
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