Wednesday 2 July 2014

Monthly Favourites // June 2014

Well, it's monthly favourites time! If any of you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I have had a lot of trouble with my laptop, which is the reason this post is up a few days late. I had been without it for nearly two weeks, so all I can say is I am glad that I had a bunch of finished posts in my drafts! Now, on to my June favourites.

Fashion & Beauty
1. Denim Swing Dress // Glamorous via ASOS
How many times can I feature this dress on my blog? I've sang my praises on its own post a good while ago plus it was featured in my Spring Lookbook. But, I've been wearing it so much that it had to be included. It is the perfect swishy, "I can throw this on and be done" dress.

2. Sandals // Ark
Speaking of multiple features, say hello to these shoes/sandals. I can't get enough of these shoes. They are comfy, chunky heeled, go with pretty much anything, and most importantly are white - which makes them so different from all of my other shoes!

3. Daisy Skirt // Forever 21
I received this skirt back in March for my birthday, and although I have worn it quite a lot since (it also featured in my Spring Lookbook), when the sun came out this past month I found myself drawn to it more and more. Daisy print is a huge trend now, and it is one of those items that I can put on and immediately feel summery.

4. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick // Monte-Carlo
This was another gift for my birthday back in March (again with its own post), which I've worn a lot more now that we're having warmer weather. I do always like a sheer lip but in the Summer, once again, I'm drawn to it more. Monte-Carlo is a deep coral colour, and it feels really moisturising while being long lasting too. For me this is the perfect daytime lipstick!

5. Silky Camomile Cleansing Oil // The Body Shop
I have a full review of this cleansing oil coming up soon, so I'll be brief right now! This cleanser is so good. Seriously, it takes off my makeup incredibly easily and quickly, and I honestly cannot think of any faults.

1. Book // City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare
Right at the end of May, the final book in The Mortal Instruments series came out, and it blew me away. TMI is a series set around a group of demon hunters, and although I do find the fantasy element exciting, my favourite thing about the series is the characters themselves. I relate to so many of them for various reasons, and Cassie has created such heartbreakingly beautiful scenes contrasted with genuine laugh out loud moments. At first glance I know these books may look fit for a younger audience, but the violence, sex, and strong, wonderfully written characters and storylines make the series a brilliant read for any age. I think this book was a beautiful ending to a series which I have been following for years - it also made me cry multiple times!

2. Film // The Fault In Our Stars
If you haven't heard about this film, you've been living under a rock! As a lover of the book, I was excited to see the film and I thought it was a really great adaption. To me, the actors portrayed the characters wonderfully and the tone of the book was consistent throughout. I strongly recommend you go see the film (and read the book), as it is not just about teenagers living with cancer; it is about life, love, and hope. It also made me cry multiple times. What can I say, I'm a cryer!

3. Music
This month I gladly rediscovered GROUPLOVE, in particular their Spreading Rumours album. The album is eclectic so there is basically a song for everyone on there, you should give it a listen! Also, I always make a monthly playlist on my 8tracks account, featuring the eight songs I've listened to the most that month. This month it features GROUPLOVEConor Oberst, Jake Bugg, and more so go have a listen!
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