Monday 28 July 2014

Daily Outfits // Seven Holiday Outfits

During my relaxed family holiday, I wanted to document my outfits. After taking inspiration from Anna // Vivianna Does Makeup's A Week In Outfits, I decided to take some quick mirror snaps to show you what I wore on 7/14 of the days we were in Anglesey, Wales. Apologies for them not being full length, but to my horror there were no full length mirrors in the house! I wore either my black or white sandals with each of these outfits, though, just so you know.

Outfit One: Crop top // Primark, Disco pants // Topshop, Necklace // Kukee, Watch // eBay
Outfit Two: Cami // Forever 21, Skirt // H&M, Bandeau (underneath) // New Look, Necklace // Kukee

Outfit Three: Dress // SheInside, Denim jacket // New Look, Watch // eBay
Outfit Four: Crop top // Primark, Disco pants // Topshop, Cardigan // Zara, Necklace // Kukee, Watch // eBay

Outfit Five: Cami // Forever 21, Shorts // Primark, Denim jacket // New Look, Necklace // Kukee
Outfit Six: Playsuit // Choies, Denim Jacket // New Look, Necklace // Accessorize
Outfit Seven: Crop top // H&M, Skirt // Forever 21, Necklace // Kukee

Yeah, I like my denim jacket way too much. I know, I know. These were my "nice" outfits of the holiday - the rest were either pretty unfashionable (for mountain climbing or zip wiring) or consisted of nothing but a hoody and leggings (having lazy days in). It was fun to document these though, and I think I'll give it a shot again, with a more organised approach like VDM's post I mentioned before!
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