Tuesday 24 June 2014

What I've Been Up To // West End Festival, Emma Thompson & Ashton Lane

I felt like doing a little lifestyle post today, as I took a few nice photos at the weekend worth sharing. On Saturday it was my gran's birthday, and so the female members of my family headed to the West End of Glasgow to soak up the sunshine.

We headed to allotments near Kelvingrove as they were open for the public to take a look at as part of the West End Festival, and we knew it was something my gran would enjoy. They were a lot bigger (and more interesting) than I thought they would be, and so pretty! My favourite part was definitely the archway covered in flowers.

We also spent some of the day wandering down Byres Road and peeking in all of the vintage shops. I took some photos of the changing room walls - they were covered in quotes and jokes which I thought was so cool. At one point, a woman who looked scarily like Emma Thompson walked past me. I actually tweeted about it and got a reply from a shop in the area letting me know it was in fact her, so I missed out there! We also walked past Heisenberg's bar which I'm going to need to go back to - I saw that they serve a drink called a Yo, Bitch.

After this we went for a late lunch/early dinner at Ketchup, on Ashton Lane. I was so hungry that I actually forgot to take a photo of my smokey bacon burger before eating half of it - it was delicious! I also had an Oreo milkshake which was so good. I always love how Ashton Lane looks in the sunshine, it's like you're abroad somewhere.

We headed home after then, looking into a few shops on the way back too. It was a lovely chilled day and I actually caught the sun for once!
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