Saturday 7 June 2014

Feeling Fresh For Summer // ft. Closet Swap recently contacted me to ask if I'd like to take part in a blogger challenge, to share what items I'm bringing into my wardrobe as Summer is approaching. As I love a good challenge, and had a few Spring/Summer transition posts in the works, I obviously said yes!

I thought I would talk about "fresh" looking items today, as I find they are what I gravitate towards most when it's sunny. I do not particularly like neons, or insanely bright colours, so I find that cool but still colourful items are what I gravitate towards.

Sandals // Ark
Clutch // Primark
Skirt // H&M
Crop top // Forever 21
Jumper // H&M

As you can see, I have a bit of a white and mint obsession right now... I find that minty blues and greens are a great way to include an eye-catching piece that isn't too in-your-face. I also just prefer wearing those colours compared to warmer ones. White is also a lovely way to make an outfit more Summer appropriate. I find that by wearing a dark outfit and adding just those white sandals, I can still achieve a brightened look. Living in Scotland, I don't get a hugely warm Summer, but I do still like to liven everything up. Overall I just like to incorporate lightweight fabrics and mix some fresh colours into my usually black and grey oriented wardrobe.

I must mention also! It is a new website, where you can buy and sell giftcards for popular stores at a discounted price. I have only browsed the website so far, but it looks like a really good idea, despite my puzzled "what's the point in that?" feeling at first! I think it would be a good option if you wanted to give someone a giftcard but couldn't spend too much yourself, or if you were given a giftcard for a shop you would never look in. Unfortunately, it looks like it is only available to the US right now, but I hear they are currently trying to expand!

Let me know what items you love to bring out when Summer comes around!
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