Wednesday 18 June 2014

'Subtle' Leopard Print

I was always one of those people was never too fond of leopard print. I didn't mind it, but at times I felt it could be a bit tacky and in-your-face. However, in recent times, two items completely drew me in, and for the same reason - the print is subtle.

Skirt // I picked up this Topshop denim skirt in the sale for a bargain £10, I'm a very happy chick. It was one of those "I didn't know I needed this but I do" moments. The mix of the shades of blue in the denim create a lovely worn effect and really tone down the leopard print, making it much more wearable (in my opinion) while keeping it more interesting than plain denim.

Dress // I wrote a detailed post this SheInside dress when I bought it, and I mentioned the small leopard print. Okay, Marilyn ain't so subtle, but I think you can agree that the print behind her is. The dots are so small that from afar the dress just looks spotted, and I'm besotted with it.

So, I may be a leopard print convert. I will not rule it out in the future, but I do still think I'll stick to my subtle patterns!
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