Monday 2 June 2014

Finally Grazing

Yes, I have finally jumped onto the Graze Box trend. Previously I have been a little "take it or leave it" with the idea of their nibble boxes, but after browsing the website and working out that I probably spend that much on snacks anyway, I signed myself up for a box.

With Graze, you receive a box of four snacks straight through the door, ready for you to eat. You can decide how often you want the boxes to arrive, and can even postpone boxes which is a great option if, like me, you sometimes find yourself broke mid month and don't want to pay for anything unnecessary. For £3.99, however (so £1 a snack), I think it is a fair price to pay every now and then. You can also rate items so you are sure to get something hand-picked for you that you will (hopefully) enjoy!

In my first box I received Florentine, Cheddar Gorge, Brooklyn Bites and Popcorn with a twist of black pepper. While I'm never quite sure if I actually like pumpkin seeds or not, I have to say I've enjoyed this box and I'm going to test out another. I'm actually not a very big snacker, but when I do it's pretty boring things like cereal bars, biscuits or fruit. Graze is a great way to have some tasty, different snacks that aren't unhealthy for you!

If you would like to give Graze a shot, you can either click here or the image at the side of my blog, and get your first box for free! After the first free box you can unsubscribe for no cost if you don't fancy it, so hey, you may as well give it a shot!
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