Tuesday 25 March 2014

The Haircut

What I'm Wearing:
Jumper // Primark
Necklace // Kukee

Those of you who pay close attention to my blog posts will have noticed that recently, I went for a little chop. My hair, when long, is in alright condition, but it just refuses to hold a curl and keep any amount of volume. Since getting a couple of inches taken away, it feels miles lighter. The volume is still a problem, but it actually stays in a styled position for much longer now.

I do kind of regret not getting it a little shorter, now that I have had a couple of weeks to get used to this length. I will wait a while longer and get a few more inches chopped off, I think. As much as I would love to replicate Zoella's gorgeous locks, I think my hair type suits a length on the longer end of the mid length spectrum (did that sentence even make sense?). It doesn't look as limp as it does when it is longer.

So, any opinions on this haircut of mine? Also, any holy grail products for achieving volume in previously limp hair that I should know about?
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