Wednesday 12 March 2014

Haul // Birthday Gifts

I begin this post with the obvious disclaimer that this is not me showing off. I feel very grateful for having friends and family kind enough to give me these gifts, and so want to share them with the world. Also, they may give you ideas for future presents!
Intuos Manga Graphics Tablet (Manga software included) // Wacom
Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in Shade 62 Monte Carlo // Chanel
Supernatural Seasons 5 & 6
Nail polish in Shade Bordeaux // Essie 
On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft // Stephen King
Gift card // Topshop

My parents very kindly treated me to a new graphics tablet, as my old one had seen better days. The Intuos Pen & Touch is amazing in itself, but my dad also purchased it with a manga software, which comes with a colour palette and tons of brush settings - you name it, it's got it. If you didn't know already, I love drawing digitally and this is just a dream, I can't wait to have a good play with it! My dad also got me Stephen King's book on writing. I love Stephen King's novels and will hopefully be attending university to study English later this year, so I'm sure this will be helpful and if not at least interesting.

My mum was the one who bought me this gorgeous Chanel lipstick. I hadn't owned anything from Chanel before, so as soon as I saw the little white and black bag, I squealed! I will be writing a review on this lipstick after using it for a while longer so will not go into it too much, but I will say I can see myself getting a ton of wear out of it. She also bought me a pretty deep red/burgundy nail polish. I love the formula of Essie polishes and although Spring is finally here, I'm sure I'll still use this deep shade a lot!

And finally, my sister purchased two more seasons of Supernatural on DVD for me. I have loved Supernatural since it first came out nearly ten years ago now, and I've slowly been collecting all of the DVDs, so this was a nice surprise! I also received money from my parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles, and this Topshop gift card was also from one of my aunts.

Box // Paperchase
Journal // Paperchase 
Mechanical pencil // Paperchase
Ring // Status Jewellery
Candle // Isle of Skye Candle Company
Bath bombs // Market stall
Gift Card // House of Fraser
Mini Matchmakers
Codorniu Classico Cava

My cousins and their significant others got me such a lovely gift! They filled up this parrot print box with lots of goodies, which I think is a really great idea for a present. I particularly love the Vanilla & Fig scented candle, it smells heavenly and I almost don't want to use it. The ring is also really pretty too, and it will go with a lot of outfits. I almost don't want to drink the Cava either, because the bottle is so tiny and cute!
Skirt // Forever 21
Fifty Fashion Look That Changed The 1990s // Paula Reed
Bracelet // Urban Outfitters
Nail polish in Bridge the Ridge (filling base coat) // Nails Inc. Save the Nail
Minis // Soap & Glory
Personalised chocolate // Thornton's
Imperial Vodka

The gifts from my friends are equally as lovely. I was very happy when I saw the Soap & Glory minis, it has to be one of my favourite brands. I cannot wait to wear this skirt, it's going to be so nice to wear on a sunny day, or to brighten up the inevitable gloomy days here in Scotland. I've only had a flick through the book as of now, but from what I can see from the pictures it's going to be a good read! After taking these photos I also received another House of Fraser gift card - everyone knows me so well.

And thus concludes the last of my birthday related posts. Again I'd just like to say that I am not bragging in any way here. I do hope this birthday haul has given you some idea for future presents, whether they are for others or for yourself! For any of my family and friends, if you happen to be reading, thank you for the kind gifts! I love them all and feel very lucky.
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