Wednesday 19 March 2014

The Black Clothing Ban

Well, Spring is here, and I am noticing, as I do every year, that I own an awful lot of black clothing. This daisy print skirt that I kindly received for my birthday (Forever 21 - cannot be found online however) has really spurred something in me, and while I am very happy with my perhaps dreary (I like to think cool) wardrobe, I want some more colour introduced into my life. Cue, The Black Clothing Ban. Well, I say ban, it really is more of a Reigning in the Black Clothing Mission. But that doesn't have the right ring to it.

I have decided to pledge to myself that I will not buy any more black clothing during the next few months, because as much as I love the feeling of wearing black, sometimes it can be a sunny day and you just want colour. I will make exceptions for buying basics, such as cami or crop tops to wear under other outfits, or a simple pair of leggings, for example. But, no "real" black clothing. Instead, I will look for some coloured and patterned clothing to wear, which can also be paired with the plenty black I already have.

I have already talked my mum into pledging to take part in The Black Clothing Ban, can I rope you lot in too?
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