Saturday 15 March 2014

Spotlight Item // MUA's £1 Lipstick

I bought this lipstick a few months ago when I had a shopping cart adding up to £9.78 and wanted to use the "free shipping on orders over £10" offer online at Superdrug. I immediately gravitated towards MUA, knowing they had items for £1 (I didn't want to spend too much at the point of buying) and discovered this beauty, MUA's £1 Lipstick in Shade 1.

I was sceptical that a lipstick only costing £1 would be of good quality, but you know what? It is. I have only tried this one colour, but after looking around for other reviews I have seen that the formula and colour payoff is just as good with other shades.

Shade 1 is a deep, rich red which had opaque pigmentation in one swipe. It definitely leans more to the berry side of the spectrum, but there are other reds in the collection if that isn't your style. The formula is nice and creamy and doesn't feel drying at all. Due to the slightly glossy finish, I do find the lipstick doesn't last too long, probably about 2-3 hours wear is what I've gotten out of it. I also find it can slip about a little, unless blotted and reapplied first. However, for £1 I honestly can't complain - if I have to reapply more often and buy another tube then at least I won't be breaking the bank!

The lipstick also comes with an screwable pot on the bottom of the tube - providing easy identification of colour, and product which can be applied like a lipliner or patted on with a finger. I actually haven't used this, perhaps it would make the lipstick stay put longer!

I featured this product as a Spotlight Item because, for the price, this truly is a great purchase. There is a wide range of colours available and for £1 it wouldn't be such a loss if you didn't agree with me! I'm going to look into getting some more shades for daily wear - let me know what you think about MUA's £1 lipstick!
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