Sunday, 19 January 2014

What I've Been Up To // Frozen and Shopping

Yesterday I ventured into town with my sister to finally see Frozen (I liked the story, characters and score and the animation was flawless, but I wasn't that impressed with the songs. Or the snowman. I feel like the only person who was annoyed by him. But it's really good, go and see it if you can!) and to spend some gift cards I still had from Christmas.

I'd like to make little update posts like this every once in a while, just some quick and snappy "hey I did this" stuff. I don't want this blog to be full of reviews and outfits and hauls, with no personality. And although this isn't so much of an OOTD post, I thought my favourite kitty cat skirt (from H&M) should make its first appearance on my blog. I picked up a few things so I'll  probably make a mini haul post within the next few days. Hope you are all having a good weekend folks, let me know what you got up to!


  1. Ah no that's such a shame that you weren't impressed with the songs in Frozen! I listened to the soundtrack non stop over Christmas haha.

    I love your cat skirt!

    Hannah x

    1. It is a shame! The score was absolutely amazing though. I did love Let It Go, and I have already sang along (badly) to it in my room, but the others didn't really impress me much unfortunately! That being said I'm sure I'll still listen to the full soundtrack and watch the film again ^_^

      And thank you very much n_n


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