Thursday 9 January 2014

Haul // Kukee Jewellery

Just before Christmas, I abused Kukee's "spend over £30 and get £10 off your order" offer, and today this is what I was happily greeted with. 

I love ordering from Kukee. The packaging is always lovely, the products are super cheap (but great quality!), and everything is gorgeous. I've got a little bit of an obsession with moons, so I am very happy with this order. I will however be purchasing another dainty moon necklace I just spotted on the website though, shh.

I've listed those still available, and some are even on sale now so grab them while you can! Their popular products are often re-stocked so if something you like here is sold out, keep a look out, you may get lucky later! Feel free to let me know which items you like, I particularly love my Cut Out Moon and Femme Fatal necklaces.
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